Hire a caterer you can trust!

Planning catering for a meeting can be a tricky task.

What to order?  For how many?  Will it be on budget?  Will people enjoy the food?  Will it be on time?  What do I order for those with special diets?

The simple answer to all these questions is:  Hire a caterer you can trust!

How do you find a trusted caterer?  Look at years of experience, online testimonials, ask them for references and develop trust overtime.

Working with your caterer to facilitate the majority of your orders can have long term benefits and save you time and money.  It really becomes as simple as sending an email with the following information: dates & times of delivery, number of people in attendance, special diet and then say “please, plan my catering”.   It can be for one meeting or 5 meetings, one day or daily for a week or month.

It does not have to be complicated because a caterer you can trust will provide a variety of menu items, creativity and ensure that you are well represented and on budget.

A good catering coordinator will ensure that menus are not being duplicated, that they balance sandwich orders with room temperature menus and hot food orders, salads and sides should change daily and that also goes for those with special dietary needs.  Ideally, depending on the season they will incorporate locally grown and seasonal produce.  Bonus, when they have a trained nutritionist on staff who can tailor a menu for a healthier crowd.  The food should nourish and energize your group not stuff them.

Did you know Diana is trained as a holistic nutrition?  Email her or call to arrange your next catered meeting.  Send along the details and let her create the menu to your needs.

Give it a try!

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